Feb 21

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Home made water fireworks

 Science Experiment:
Water fireworks

What you’ll need:

-Tall glass vase
-Food Coloring
-A smaller cup/glass


Fill up the glass vase with room temperature water almost to the top of the vase. In another cup add some oil and 4 drops of food coloring.  Notice they form balls?  Take your fork and gently stir, which creates a bunch of smaller balls of food coloring.

Pour the oil gently into the water and the oil will group back up on the top of the vase.  Patiently wait for the coloring to slowly sink to the bottom of the oil.   
Once the coloring touches the water it will pop open and create really neat fire work looking color show.  At times I thought they looked like jelly fish. Either way it’s a neat and fascinating show. 

 Today’s inspiration came from a wonderful site:  http://www.jugglingwithkids.com/2011/08/fireworks-in-glass.html

Permanent link to this article: http://www.watchmeplayandlearn.com/2012/02/home-made-water-fireworks.html


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  1. Blogger25

    my 2 year old and i did this experiement earlier today. she kept saying "OOOOH" .. so cute! i thought it was awesome, too :)

  2. The NewsDiva

    SO cute!

  3. The NewsDiva


  4. momto8

    fun way to keep the kids interested too!

  5. Jennifer

    We did this not too long ago as part of a homeschool lesson. It is WAY too fun! Loved your pictures.

  6. Love It

    I am going to have to try that at home. Looks like fun. Loveitor.blogspot.com

  7. Ticia

    That is very cute! Thanks for linking to Science Sunday!

  8. Karen

    Very cool! We're definitely trying this one out!

  9. Sinea

    This is a very cute science project. Inspiring.
    Found you on the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop at Ducks 'n a Row (my blog!).

  10. crafty gyrl

    Fun project!

  11. About JollyJilly

    oooo this looks fun. I miss doing things like this with my children but they are nearly 31 and 26 lol
    Ah well grandchildren in the future maybe?
    Im a new follower from the blog hop
    If you have time please come and visit my blog in the uk.

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